Video Clips

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Interview with our Bishop in 2010

Watch an interview with the Bishop of Carlisle, the Right Rev’d James Newcome, with questions asked by Rev. Matthew Peat, around
We’ve split it into 16 short video clips of to make it easier for you!

Q1 – What do you most enjoy about being a Bishop?
Q2 – How has your personal journey in faith shaped you now?
Q3 – How do you see the role of a Bishop today?
Q4 – What is the role of the Church within a community?
Q5 – Where do you see the Church in 10 years?
Q6 – How would you describe your own faith?
Q7 What advice would you offer to new explorers of the Faith?
Q8 – What are the major challenges facing the Church in 2010?
Q9 – What ‘one thing’ would you say to a newcomer to our website?
Q10- How important is the use of technology to the Church?
Q11 – How would you like this website to make contact with people?
Q12 – How do you engage with the Bible?
Q13 – How would you define prayer?
Q14 – How important are the Sacraments?

Q15 – How far do you feel the Church has come?
Q16 – How do you see the Church developing in Barrow-in-Furness?

Interviews with Church members

Watch short interviews with members of our parish, as they discuss their own experiences of the Church.

The relationship between the Church and the Community, and the role other religions have with Christianity.
The impact of Christianity on day-to-day life, and the importance of the Sabbath day, Sunday.
Growing up in a Christian household, and the significance of educating children about Christianity.
Belief in God, and reading and understanding the Bible in today’s context.