Virtual Pancake Party Quiz

Sadly we can’t get together for our usual Pancake Party – and I’m sure that you are all going to miss the quiz that I used to set!

I’d hate for you to miss out so I’ve produced a word quiz for you.

As it’s just before Lent and we’re all celebrating Collop Monday, Pancake Tuesday and Ash Wednesday then the answers to the definitions below all contain either the letters COL, PAN or ASH.

No prizes and I’ll give out the answers next week. And if you enjoy the quiz then let me know and I’ll come up with another one.

Stay Safe,


1.Not black & white(6)
2.Similar to a marrow or pumpkin(6)
3.To walk in a confident, relaxed, hip-swinging manner(6)
4.The study of bells(11)
5.A small woodwind instrument(7)
6.Dark, milk & white(9)
7.Gun Dog(7)
8.Tube that launches small projectiles by blowing(10)
9.A chronic sleep disorder(10)
10.Buttons, zips, needles, thread & ribbons etc(12)
11.To make larger(6)
12.A person or pet with whom you spend a lot of time together(9)
13.Clean with water(4)
14.An English county(12)
15.African Lily(10)
17.Women’s loose trousers fitting tightly at the ankle(10)
18.Young Horse(4)
19.Mechanical linkage for scaling drawings up or down(10)
20.A confused or badly organised mixture(8)