Young Bell Ringers Achievement

CONGRATULATIONS! to three of our young ringers at St James, Barrow-in-Furness, and St Mary’s Dalton-in-Furness.

We are very proud to announce that Cameron Pollock, Jayden Milby, and Iwan Cotgreave have each been awarded the Lancashire Association Certificate of Proficiency for bell ringing, by exceeding the qualification standard for ringing ‘method’ change ringing (Plain Bob, Grandsire, and Stedman), conducting 2 courses of Plain Bob Minor, and successfully ringing one full peal (3 hours) or two quarter peals (50 minutes each).

I commend the dedication, ability, persistence, and skill of these young ringers who are bright and exciting prospects for the exercise in the future wherever their path takes them. They get on well together and motivate one another, and add a great dynamic to our practices.

It is worth noting that all three represented the Lancashire Association as part of the Lancashire Lads and Lasses (LLL) team that entered the Ringing World National Youth Contest in 2019 (Cameron and Jayden competed, Iwan was reserve). They achieved an incredible 6th place out of 18 teams in the rounds and call changes category (9th overall from 24 teams).

It is also worth noting that Cameron has now successfully completed 8 quarter peals in under 3 years; Iwan completed his 3 quarters in 9 months; and Jayden completed 3 quarter peals in just over 3 months period, including successfully organising and conducting a quarter peal (first as conductor) involving LLL ringers with average age under 15.

They have also been pivotal in our ability to ring for Sunday service and other special services over the last few years.

Regrettably Covid-19 intervened and interrupted learning practise Little Bob, Kent and Oxford, and prevented further quarter peals and a full peal during the summer of 2020, although Jayden has been learning Yorkshire, Cambridge and Bristol Surprise Major at home on his computer during lockdown/covid restrictions.

We look forward to resumption of ringing post-covid with the promise of fresh progress we can make.